Posture Principles – Your Body Is Designed to Move

Motion- The 1st Posture Principle  –  The Body is Designed to Move

Your Best Posture is Your Next Posture (1st of 5 Posture Principles by Dr. Steven Weiniger)

The old saying is “Use it or lose it.” In truth, it should be “Use it to keep it” or perhaps even …

“Use it right or lose it”.

There is no one single right way to move, but if you let muscles and joints stop moving, over time the overall body loses the ability to move. If you want to move well when you are old, you must keep your body moving well as you age.

Life is motion. When we stop moving, we stop living, which is why staying active is the number one desire of people as they age. When you talk to healthy people over 80, they will almost unanimously say their secret is “keeping active.” Motion is vital for health and aging well. Watch a normal child move. Youth is moving freely and with control. Watch someone who‘s sick move: they are stiff and consequently may be described as “looking old.”

Our bodies and our muscles work best when they are worked, and then allowed to rest. When muscles are not rested they become tight, resulting in the chronic “tension” which plagues people who don’t move their body. Your bskierody has a need to move. If you are typing at a computer for an hour, when you stand up your first instinct is to stretch. When people undergo surgery, they are now required to get up and move around as soon as possible (even though they don’t want to).

Studies show people heal much better when you get them moving. When you think about it, exercise in general is simply moving your body.In addition to the obvious muscular and cardiovascular benefits of moving, motion and physical activity pump vital fluids within the body. Cells and tissues with little direct circulation receive nutrition and have their waste products removed by the physical compression and stretching that occurs with motion and exercise.

Good health requires the ability to move, with control, all the individual links of the body’s chain of motion (aka kinetic chain). Read the 2nd of 5 Posture Principles

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You must keep moving as you age to keep moving as you age.

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