The Problem with Sitting

best desk chair sitting position

The Problem with Sitting… You are not moving. 

People’s bodies are designed to walk and move. Unfortunately, in the 21st century people spend much (if not most) of their lives sitting. We drive to work seated, to sit at a computer, then sit down to lunch, and sit to drive home and sit on the couch and read or watch TV.  And, none of these activities occur in an ergonomically optimized posture environment.

The result is a body conditioned to sitting and back pain. Many people spend the majority of their life sitting with their torso folded and not moving.

Sitting uses some muscles too much and some too little. The overused muscles become too tight, the underused ones too weak, and the joints become stiff from inactivity. Years of inactivity result in the weakening of the body, and balance gets worse.

If you don’t move your body fully and symmetrically in your daily life, over time things adapt and change. Muscles atrophy, joints stiffen and develop arthritis, discs degenerate, and you become and feel old.

StrongPosture® exercises train you to move the body with conscious control, in ways you may not usually move, so you can then incorporate previously forgotten motions into your daily life. Adding StrongPosture® exercise to your regular exercise program is a smart way to keep your body moving well as you age.

The health risks of sitting was highlighted on this AARP interview with health expert Steven Weiniger.

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