PostureZone App Results

PostureZone (Free Public Version)

Basics Tutorial Video

1. Take a posture picture
2. Assess your PostureZone® Alignment
3. Track posture changes over time: Viewing, Sharing & exporting PostureZone® Pictures

For more info about your posture or using the PostureZone® app for workplace and ergonomic assessments, sports form training and other advanced posture and motion assessment, consult a CPEP® posture specialist (Certified Posture Exercise Professional) or other trainer, therapist, physician, therapist or trainer.

PostureLines for advanced assessments

  • PostureLines let you add additional lines to check other posture findings including head/pelvis level, ergonomic assessments, sports form, tracking scoliosis in children and more.
  • * Note: Zoom with Double-tap is a PRO version feature

Upgrade to PRO:

(in app purchase, click the PRO button from app)

  • PDF Reports feature
  • Multiple Case Management
  • Export Options
  • Double-tap to zoom

Posture Grids:

Get professional results from your screenings with a posture chart, all grids shown available from

Door Grid