Posture Test – Checking your Balance

Posture Test

Posture Test – Posture Check for Balance

Many doctors check patient’s posture for a good reason – you can tell a lot about someone’s health by performing a posture test. Taking a few minutes to check your own posture is a smart thing to do.

Your posture is how you balance your body. The strength of your balance is how well you know, and can control, where your body is in space. The one-leg balance test is easy, and demonstrates how balance weakens as posture degenerates.

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Many posture problems begin in the space between perception (where we think we are) and true, objective reality (where we really are).  The first step to improve posture is be aware and create a baseline for improvement by observing how long, and how well, you can balance on one leg.

Balance Test – Where You Really Are

One-leg balance exercises are tools to align our internal perceptions of posture with external reality. When one-leg balance is worse on one side than the other, there is unbalanced muscle function and joint stress. One study of older people showed older people who could not balance on one leg had more than twice the risk of being injured in a fall.

People with poor posture and those with low-back pain usually have weak balance. On at least one (but commonly both) side, they cannot “keep their balance.” Not surprisingly, after they are treated with an adjustment they often report not only feeling better, but are often able to balance better and even “feel lighter.” Since a stressed posture requires more energy to keep upright and move through space, this makes sense.