One Leg Balance Exercise

This Exercise tests the first of the three elements of posture:  Balance.  Let’s compare your perception of where you think you are in space with the true reality of where you really are. Try these single leg balance exercises.

1. Stand up straight and lift your left knee so your foot comes off the ground. Slowly count to 20 and stop the first time you onelegbalance-2

  • Put your foot down
  • Wave your arms
  • Dance or shift your body out of alignment in order to balance. (Don’t cheat!)

2. NOTE: How long can you balance on your left leg?

Repeat- Lift the right leg as you balance on the left.

You should be able to balance on a single leg for thirty) seconds.

If you can’t balance for twenty seconds, your body is not functioning as well as it should, and either

  • You’re not where you think you are when you think you’re standing straight, OR
  • Your muscles are too weak to keep you in one place for that long.

Especially If you find yourself twisting, throwing your arms out, or otherwise dancing about to balance on one foot, you’re demonstrating signs of weak balance.

Being conscious of a problem is the first step to change.  The next is strengthening your posture with DAILY POSTURE EXERCISE.

Do the Stork for 30 seconds on each leg, three times a day, maintaining your best posture.

TIP: Stand in front of a mirror to help you focus on keeping your posture strong and aligned.

If you experience pain or discomfort, or find you cannot keep aligned posture and balance,  consider consulting a StrongPosture® exercise professional.

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