Self Check

Strong Self Assessment

An Easy Posture Self Check Using Any Digital Camera

  • Get a friend to take 3 pictures of you: from the front, back, and side.
  • Stand tall with what feels like your “Best Posture” (Don’t look in a mirror to cheat!).
  • Print the pictures, one to a sheet.
  • Place a dot between your feet on front and back views, and on your ankle in the side view.
  • Fold each paper in half vertically, neatly at the dot.

You’re Done! Now let’s read the results


  • The two halves of your body should be the same.
  • Is your head and/or torso off to one side?
  • Are your arms are hanging differently with one further from your body than the other, or one hand is lower than the other?
  • Are your hips lower on one side, or further from center on one side?
  • If so, your posture is not symmetrical!


  • The line from your ankle should pass through your shoulder and ear.
  • If your head is far forward of that line, you may have a posture distortion called Forward Head Posture (FHP)
  • Is the line running through the center of your hip? If not, it may be time to work towards StrongPosture.


File the Self Check & Grab Your Calendar!self-assessment-weak-lgb

  • Date and file your posture picture where you can find it. This is an important baseline to reference and compare.
  • Mark your calendar to check your posture at least every 6 to 12 months.
  • During your next check note any improvement or decline.
  • If you’re beginning the online course 7 Weeks Stronger be sure to take a posture picture at the beginning and the end of the program. Seeing big improvements is a great motivator and will remind you to incorporate your posture exercise program into daily habits.

Good News

There are easy steps to improve posture. Find out more under Self-Help

You’ve got your Posture  Check. Now what?

If you see there’s room for improvement (and there always is), then contact us and tell us more. We’ll send you tips to get started!