Posture Assessment

We’re all susceptible to the effects of aging. Why? Because our body spends its entire life fighting the force of gravity, which over a lifetime naturally results in bone and joint breakdown and degeneration.


What if we want to slow and even reverse the natural process of aging? That’s where StrongPosture® comes in; however, the first step is really looking at our body with a posture assessment.

Improvement Begins with a Posture Assessment

Posture assessment is the process of benchmarking the appearance of someone’s posture with a simple photo and then analyzing balance, alignment and motion. This is the crucial first step to improving and strengthening posture.

There are a lot of things you can determine with a self-assessment, such as balance points and asymmetries. A professional assessment will go much more in-depth by providing a full analysis of postural observations by each individual PostureZone® (lower extremities, pelvic region, torso and head/neck).

Once you’ve completed your posture assessment, you can begin a program to retrain and strengthen posture, but it’s important to first have a comparison point. Overtime, you’ll use the self check to track your improvements or decline.

If you’d like a guide for a quick posture self-assessment, contact us and tell us more. We’ll send you tips to get started.