Motor Control Exercises

Motor Control Exercises - Posture and Baseball Batter

The relationship between posture and health is not surprising since posture is the physical end result of how your body deals with the millions of inputs about your environment that the brain receives from the nervous system every second. Our posture reflects how our bodies have adapted to the life we are living, from sports to relaxation.

When an athletic or other activity results in chronic low back pain, exercising in a specific controlled pattern of motion can make a dramatic difference in pain, injury prevention, recovering fully from an injury, as well as disability.

Motor Control Exercises

A meta-study looked at and compared 16 studies of motor control exercise (MCE), and found “In patients with chronic and recurrent low back pain, motor control exercises seem to be superior to several other treatments,” including general exercise and spinal manipulation. (1)

Consider the intense concentration and focus required of a baseball batter – requiring remarkable attention on the pitcher and ball, breath control, response time, fluid controlled swing of the bat, fine motor control, intense core control when swinging and hitting, force of contact with the ball, and explosive power to run the bases. For this athlete, all exercise, or injury rehab, is not created equal.

Despite considerable evidence that posture affects physiology and function, the significant influence of posture is not addressed by most physicians.

~Postural & Respiratory Modulation of Autonomic Function, Pain & Health, AJPM

Balance, Alignment and Motion (BAM)

The attentional focus on a fine and very granular level with breath control is the foundation of Strong Posture exercises, and puts the protocols strongly in the category of the most effective motor control exercises.

The systematization of correcting perception of balance, alignment and motion (BAM) to reality and then training these three postural elements tightly towards that reality makes a huge difference in athlete injuries, low back pain, as well as other NMS conditions.

People with strong posture have increased lung capacity, more control, more fluid body motion, better balance, recover more quickly and exercise more effectively, all crucial factors for a professional athletes performance or injury recovery.

Balanced and aligned motion has the added benefit of less wear and strain on joints, which means reduced risk of early degeneration of posture with age.
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Retraining Motor Control with Attentional Focus Posture Practice