Posture Exercise

posture exercise

Improve & Strengthen with Posture Exercise

StrongPosture® exercises systematically strengthen posture by working on all three elements of posture: Balance, Alignment and Motion. Focusing on one element at a time teaches you awareness and increases the ability to control that element, building a virtuous spiral of posture strength. You’ll look, feel and perform at your best while minimizing postural and joint stress.

  • The 1st track of the StrongPosture® protocols begin by focusing on BALANCE to strengthen functional symmetry of 4 PostureZones with the Best Posture Stork exercise.
  • The 2nd track focuses on ALIGNMENT to strengthen objective alignment with StrongPosture® Wall Exercises.
  • The 3rd track of the protocols focuses on MOTION, to strengthen precise control in 3 dimensions by engaging deep core muscles with the StrongPosture® BallFlow.

Start with the demo video above and then enroll in the posture improvement course.