Choosing a Yoga Instructor & Yoga Style

yogateacher-1There are actually hundreds of styles of yoga, ranging in difficulty from very easy to extremely difficult. There is no better way to find the right class and instructor for you then by experimenting.

Classes may be designed to help you relax, stretch tight muscles, tone, or for rehabilitative or posture improvement. Determine what your goals are, then choose an instructor, class and style that will help you meet those goals.

Selecting a teacher is always best done by trying out a lesson. You should take the time to ask about their teaching style and qualifications. Most schools of yoga have a defined style or approach to yoga teaching – for example, Iyengar, Bihar and Ashtanga Vinyasa all are highly prescribed.Get some recommendations from friends, and plan on attending a few different classes. Make sure you attend the classes of a couple of different instructors, and attempt more than one style of yoga. You’ll quickly find the instructor, style, and studio environment that are the best match for you!