Why Specialize in Posture?

Through the CPEP® Program, you will perfect a bio-mechanical model that teaches focused-motion exercise as integral to strengthening posture while improving balance and function.  While your patients and clients get measurable results, you get reimbursed for your services – and brand yourself in the local market as a Posture Specialist. 

Posture is a trending topic.

As Boomers age and slump, the concept of strengthening posture will have increased relevance across society.
  Research and new media strongly demonstrate the wellness value of improving posture, so the trend to watch, from teenage athletes to active geriatrics, is for people to increasingly value the idea of moving well to be well.

Especially as healthcare changes cause people to take greater responsibility for their health, posture can provide a playing field for inter-professional cooperation and referral.  Health, fitness and wellness professionals who promote postural knowledge position themselves for cultural recognition as being about posture and clinical bio-mechanics.

Chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, DOs, DPMs, MDs, nurses, personal trainers, athletic trainers, rolfers, yoga and Pilates instructors, physical education teachers, coaches, aging population specialists, and other professionals who promote postural knowledge, position their professions within a bio-mechanical model which acknowledges and promotes their patient/client practice as integral to wellness.

Why CPEP®?

The CPEP Certification Program brands you as the go-to Posture Specialist.

Integrating exercise and active care is essential for an outcome-oriented practice.  Back pain, neck pain, and other neuromusculoskeletal conditions result from weak posture, and strengthening structural balance and functional alignment helps relieve pain, optimize sports performance, improve appearance and promote successful aging.  Progressive core stabilization exercises will increase patient participation and improve results as well as retention.

You will learn practical, focused-motion exercise protocols using inexpensive posture balls, bands, foam rolls as well as other low-tech tools – many of which we’ll provide. You will learn current, research documented concepts of posture, motion, and rehab exercise to easily incorporate into your practice.

If you work with posture and want to help more people move well, join our international network of Certified Posture Exercise Professionals (CPEPs).  

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