Mirror Mirror

Try This:

1. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and look at your posture.

2. Lift your left leg and slowly count to 12.

3. Stop the first time you have to put your foot down to balance.

4. Repeat with your right leg.

How long can you balance on your left leg? On your right one? And is your posture different when you balance on one side versus the other?

Can’t balance on one leg as well as the other? Posture not the same on both sides?

Here’s WhyI

Your Posture is HOW you Balance Your Body (Balance The 2nd Posture Principle)

No matter what, you body has to balance or you fall down. All posture is balanced..how well balanced is a different question. f you can’t balance for 10 seconds on each side, your body is not evenly balanced. Unbalanced stress causes the body to adapt and change over time, ultimately causing problems and pain.