Don’t Be Cross!

Try This:

1. Cross your arms in front of you.

2. Is your left forearm or right forearm on top?

3. Now, cross your arms with the opposite forearm on top. (Be sure you have a different arm on top this time!)

Feel awkward? Here’s Why:

Your Body Moves In Patterns of Motion ( Patterns:4th Posture Principle)

Reverse arm crosses feels awkward to most people. Your “normal” or habitual pattern of motion is with one forearm on top. Reversing the top forearm makes your arms, shoulder girdle, and neck work opposite your habit pattern. As a very general rule of thumb, the more stuck in a pattern of motion (and therefore out of balance) one is, the more imbalanced one feels on doing a reverse arm cross. Some people are so fixed in their pattern of motion they are physically unable to cross their arms backwards.

Another observation of fixed patterns of motion is noting if your hands are above or tucked under your arms. Then, try to do the opposite of your normal pattern.