Wellness Cycle – LifeHabits to Move Well

Eat Right, Think Positively and Move Well

posture ball exercise

Fit people stay healthy, and when you change WrongPosture habits to StrongPosture habit you keep your body, muscles and joints healthy so you move naturally, feel good and stay well for a long HealthSpan.

Intelligent LifeHabits + PostureExercise + Chiropractic + Massage = Moving, Feeling & Being Well


Lifespan is how long you live.

HealthSpan is how long you live healthy

From birth to death, life is a series of cycles, and posture is an omnipresent but usually unrecognized factor in many cycles…..but one we can affect.

Posture shapes how your body moves, and your body’s patterns of motion shape your posture in cycles both vicious and virtuous. And our sitting society, where we spend hours and hours just sitting essentially still at work AND play—

  • watching TV
  • computerposture-3

    driving a car

  • computing–typing and clicking oblivious to our posture
  • and then sitting down to relax

It all promotes poor posture and lack of motion!


BodyZoneBodyZone.com promotes intelligent LifeHabits to restore motion and strengthen balance with daily

Posture Exercise as a part of your fitness activity.



Standing Taller makes a difference you can  feel, and others can actually see and even say…

“You look great! Have you lost weight?”

“That golf swing looks really smooth!”

“Your tennis serve looks really connected”