Strong Posture – A Lifelong Motion Cycle

StrongPosture® exercise creates an awareness of posture and, when performed daily, can stretch muscles, ligaments, and other structures that shorten with poor posture; strengthen muscles that weaken; and help people stay active, thereby combating a litany of health issues from degenerative joint disease to cardiovascular and respiratory problems.

Stronger posture not only helps back and neck pain, but it also helps you feel better in general as you breathe deeper, reduce stress, and have more energy. People who regularly do StrongPosture® exercises report improvement with problems ranging from knee pain to headaches, and say they even feel, and sometimes look, taller and thinner.

Young or old, athlete or couch potato, maintaining StrongPosture® with daily StrongPosture® exercise is an intelligent LifeHabit for aging well. These posture- strengthening exercises are based on contemporary biomechanical concepts blended with ancient yoga practices and wisdom. The goal is to become conscious of your posture, and then strengthen your posture and balance with focused-motion StrongPosture® exercises. Exercises can be done anywhere, and do not require any expensive equipment. A flat wall is necessary as a reference for erect posture, and then we introduce inexpensive, low-tech tools like exercise balls.

To change your posture, you need to teach your body a new habit. “Straighten up and don’t slouch” doesn’t work. In order to change how you move, you need to first become conscious of how you are moving, and then adopt new LifeHabits to consciously train new patterns of motion and so retrain the body to move unconsciously in those new patterns of motion.

Strengthening your posture with daily posture exercises as part of your regular physical activity will help you keep moving well as you age.