StrongPosture Rehab Exercise

Pain and injury trains the body to move differently.

Consulting a professional to help restore motion and alignment after an injury makes sense and provides relief, but unless your motion patterns are retrained the adaptive motion can often begin a Pain Cycle. Even when pain improves and is forgotten after an injury heals, if the body isn’t moving normally problems often recur as we continue moving adaptively.

In cycles both vicious and virtuous, your posture shapes how you move, and your body’s patterns of motion shape your posture.

We live in a sitting society, spending hours and hours just sitting essentially still-watching, driving, computing, and then sitting down to relax—all slumping the back and pressing the head forward into a weak posture.

From birth to death, life is a series of cycles, and your posture is an omnipresent but usually unrecognized factor in health and fitness cycles.  But…it is one that we can affect.


Breaking the Pain Cycle is why the StrongPosture® exercises are the rehab exercise of choice for many chiropractors, therapists and other professionals.  Your posture is how your body Balances, Aligns and Moves (B.A.M.), so in addition to exercises targeted to heal an injury, StrongPosture exercise integrates whole body posture and movement to get you back on your feet and moving well now…and keep you moving well and pain-free.