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What Does Your Posture Say about You?

Appearance, Pain, and Posture –

Inextricably Linked, and Infinitely Manageable

Our modern lives make it tough to stand tall. After all, as a population we are increasingly computer-bound and many of us endure long commutes to work and then spend the bulk of our days sitting at a desk. Upon our return home, we sit some more in order to eat, read, relax, or watch TV. These vast stretches of sitting result in out-of-shape bodies with aches and pains we simply don’t know how to address.

If your appearance concerns you or if pain pills and shoulder rubs are your coping strategy, Dr. Steven P. Weiniger, an internationally recognized expert on posture and anti-aging, has some unique insights.

Appearance, pain, and posture are mutually dependent, with posture the literal pivot point affecting pain and appearance (have you ever caught your reflection in a mirror and to your chagrin seen your parent or grandparent?) to a surprising degree.

Here’s the good news: by progressively building a daily posture exercise routine that is right for your body, you can strengthen your posture, improve your appearance, and ultimately move pain-free. Comments Dr. Weiniger on the simple and effective strategy he highlights in Stand Taller ~ Live Longer: An Anti-Aging Strategy, “It takes just ten minutes a day and you can truly make a difference not only in how your body moves today but also how you’ll move – and how you’ll look – twenty, thirty, even forty years from now.”

This is indeed good news for those of us who feel like “I just can’t straighten up” or live in fear of moving wrong and suffering an episode of low back pain. Concisely and effectively, with helpful pictures, Dr. Weiniger discusses posture, pain, and aging as he presents his seven-week StrongPosture Exercise Program that can benefit virtually anyone.

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Author: Dr. Steven Weiniger focuses on posture rehab and biomechanics in his private practice and professional training facility in Atlanta, Georgia. His on-going commitment to education and patient care has helped direct national recommendations on issues, policy, and research in the field of aging well.