Sleeping Position and Kidney Stones

Food and drink choices, the amount of water intake, activity level and genetics all play a part in the likelihood this will happen to you – but are you aware that studies link sleeping position and kidney stones? If you have ever suffered through a kidney stone, you’re motivated to takes steps to be sure it never happens again.

Consistently sleeping on the same side of your body every night makes you more prone to develop kidney stones. This was the finding of a a 2-year study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco.

Researchers studied 110 patients who suffered from kidney stones that were confined to one side of their body. Of this group, 93 patients consistently favored sleeping on one side. 75% of these patients had kidney stones on the same side. Dr. Marshall Stoller, a professor of urology at UCSF reported, “Sleeping in the same position each night appears to alter blood-flow to that kidney, impairing the organ’s ability to clear itself of stone-forming crystals and deposits.”

Best Sleeping Position for Kidney Stones?

When it comes to reducing the frequency of kidney stones forming, the best position is changing it up by keeping your body moving throughout the night.

  1. Change your sleeping pattern by changing your initial sleeping position.
  2. If you habitually go to sleep on your right side, try falling asleep on your left.
  3. When you wake up during the night, make a point to reposition your body.
  4. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  5. Sleep on a supportive mattress and pillow.