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Seminar Reviews

“Dr. Weiniger’s knowledge and ability to tie things together was terrific. Tremendous info in notes to review. Research excerpts were well chosen and relevant.”
Steve Sopcak, DC (TN)

“The Body Zone seminar is truly the best seminar I have ever taken. The information is presented and laid out in an easy to understand format that you can use Monday morning. Look  patients know they need to exercise and you know they need to exercise. These exercises are easy to teach and easy and fun for the patients to perform. By instructing the patients then giving them the hand-outs, the patients trust that you know what you are talking about. Then when you test them each day, it shows them that you care and increases their compliance. I am getting people well now, that weren’t getting well before. This is a great tool that the insurance companies will pay for. It’s an instant practice builder!”
Jeff Scheuermann, DC (LA)

“Practical, easily implemented and makes sense to patients. Real solutions for real problems.”
Neil Cottam, DC (AZ)

“Integrating Chiropractic and Posture Rehab Exercises with Dr. Weiniger is a fantastic seminar. You will learn, step by step, an exercise protocol that is low/no cost to implement, extremely effective, and fun for your patients to do. I started using the exercises in my office first thing Monday morning. If you are interested in promoting active care in your office, this seminar is a must attend!”
Matthew Kounkel, DC (KS)

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Energy, Documentation, Passion of material, Logic, Demonstration & Practicality to take to the office and use immediately! Love the materials!
Harvey Rossel, DC (NY)

Very innovative concepts, supported by good, in-depth clinical knowledge. Strong instruction in how to integrate and incorporate these concepts into practice. This is a very dynamic and exciting approach to chiro care. It is also important given the current insurance climate and direction.
Steve Weinberg, DC (NY)

This is one of the best seminars I have attended.
Mikky Barnett, DC, PS (20+ years in practice)(WA)

A great ‘Meat and Potatoes class’ that can be used on Monday….and billed.
Greg Geer,DC (WA)

Realistic ways to integrate these concepts and
patient training into the practice tomorrow! Mark Groff, DC (TN)

Great information that can be easily incorporated into practice! Howard Berg, DC, CCSP (GA)

I physically feel better after taking this course,
which makes me confident to tell patients about it!
Thanks! Lisa Walker, DC (FL)

Very well put together, excellent instructor!
Myles Crawford, DC (TN)

Strengths? Hands on lab time. You didn’t just tell and show us, but we had the opportunity to do it ourselves.
Kim Branham, DC

Lab was great! David Allen, DC (UT)

It was well worth flying from Colorado to New York!
Sharon Anable, DC (CO)

Strengths?  The concepts and the information as well as the hands-on approach.  Many doctors are caught up in doing the same thing every day.  Keep up the good work!
Steven Nelligar, DC, LMT, PT (NY)

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-All things presented were valuable. This information is going to change people’s lives.- David Zarzeka, DC (NY)

-Concise and understandable approach to core strengthening and practicable application to all patients in my office – advance and basic.- Robert Stevens, DC (IL)

-Appreciated your expertise with instructing us on exercises and sharing effects of aging and anti aging.- Marjie Eakin-Petty, DC (CO)

-Thanks for your ethics, it’s nice to hear.- Linda Larson, DC (VA)

-Chiropractic is changing and we are the ones to guide our patients to a higher state of wellness! Thank you.- Ed Lauterbach, DC (VA)

-Life altering motivation to get myself in better posture and shape.- Cliff Koehler, DC (TX)

-Helped me tie together all the concepts I have been learning about rehab in a way that I can integrate into my practice easily and quickly. Thanks!! And thanks for the notes which followed your talk, etc. exactly.- Mary E. White, DC (TX)

-Very valuable course.- Darlene Johnson, DC (TX)

-Doable exercise for everyone.- Lorelei Olivieri, MT (VA)

-Easy implementation for Monday.- Kevin Duke, DC (VA)

-The tangible exercises – doing them – understanding them. I think I will be utilizing the info Monday! We have a fitness center – this info will help us with the exercises that we are currently doing.- Eileen Whelan, DC (VA)

-Very implementable exercises. Language for ideas that I use already. Thank you! I appreciate your honesty.- Elizabeth Kinneavy, DC (CO)

-Easy to implement immediately in office – good plan. Gait/orthotics is so big in my practice. Doctors need to know more outside of foot levelers.- Scott Tesoro, DC (CO)

-This was an overview for me and I learned I need to slow down and focus on the muscles more. Also a better way to explain the exercises to patients. Thank you.- Stacey Mollendor, (CO)

-There is a simple way to integrate rehab with chiropractic. Exact form and positioning is critical with these exercises. Excellent – this is just what I have been looking for.- Mark Shapiro, DC (CA)

-Acute, rehab and wellness care, chiropractic and posture principles are a perfect fit and we now can prove the benefits into old age. Excellent – very relevant to every patient for life.- Arthur Faygenholtz, DC (CA)

-Hands-on, how to promote chiro/posture.effects on aging well, etc. The course syllabus was excellent and followed the lecture precisely. The lecture to lab ration was well planned and ran smoothly.- Scott Sanders, DC (CA)

-Implementable – research based.- Trevor, DC (AZ)

-Practical, easily implemented, makes sense to patients. Real solutions for real problems.- Neil Cottam, DC (AZ)

-I personally am capable of moving in ways I would not have guessed I could! Very hope giving.- Lara St. Cyr, CA (TX)

-Hands on doing it – wow I’m out of shape, but by the end I was better.- , DC (TX)

-Do I have good posture? No it could be better. To get more involved with rehabilitation so I can help my patients more and fully understand why they’re doing it.- Cindy M. Johnson, DC (NC)

-Excellent material! It will be used.- Jody Fox, DC (IL)

-Thank you for putting this together and seeing the importance of postural exercises.- Maria Funicello, DC (IL)

-Hands on, practical, and key concepts, big ideas, I liked it.- Jeffery Nolte, DC (IL)

-Low tech exercise/rehab that can make a value added service and a positive change in patient treatment.- Brad Immel, DC (IL)

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“Tell us the Most Valuable Concepts”:

-Different ways to evaluate posture and connect it.- Randi Morrison, DC (NC)

-How to use the core muscles – how to work with the ball. Good info – logical – love your passion for this work.- Jeffrey Goldwasser, DC (NC)

-Ball protocol. Great job doc!- Michael Gambacorta, DC (NC)

-Making people more aware of movement and posture. Good presentation, good use of evidence to support presentation.- Reid Morgan, DC (NC)

-How to help people get better! This is long term.- Scot Kampmann, DC (VA)

-The importance of posture/balance and stretching and how to incorporate with chiropractic. I thought it was fantastic! Thank you. I finally feel like I went to an informative, functional, and dynamic seminar – I’d love to help spread the news.- Michelle Heppner, DC (VA)

-Giving patients a daily way of -self-checking- themselves to determine a need for care. Great concepts that are empowering for patients.- Tim Wilbanks, DC (IL)

-Too numerous to list them all- most important personally was the organization of the progression of exercise. Thank you.- Heather Arnett, DC (IL)

-Individual muscle fibers fully contract. Really appreciated the ethics and integrity talk.- Jeana Thomas, DC (CO)

-Identifying and correcting postural deficits.- DC (CO)

-How important this is in the whole population. How to get good posture back.- Jeanette Monteleone, DC (CO)

Most valuable concept? -The ease of which a very relevant posture exercise protocol can be introduced in the practice. This is a well organized and documented seminar presented in a logical way with the proper balance between content and practical. I enjoyed it and will use in to the benefit of my patients and myself personally.- Charles Fulanovich, DC (CA)

-The practical protocols on wall and ball and long term applications for practice use with patients – especially boomers. I took it because I needed credit, but chose it due to course material. Thank you. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.- Karin Lyngstad, DC (NY)

-Demonstration of exercises and subsequent breakup into groups to practice.- Christine Mensel, DC (AZ)

-The value of integrating this work into my practice.- Lisa A. Acocella, DC (TX)

Most valuable concept? -How to incorporate exercise and posture assessment into my practice.- Rosa, DC (CA)

-Detailed breakdown of exercises.- Carol Ambrosius, DC (TX)

-To move people to active care sequentially.- David Darby, DC (TX)

-Core and rehab exercises with ease of implementation.- Joseph Minardi, DC (IL)

-Importance of my doing postural exercises. The value of the gym ball and pelvic tilts. The role of balance in improving exercise routine and why it’s so helpful.- Richard Hamilton, DC (CA)

-All the hands on ball time, the influence posture can have on overall health. Passion still survives for this profession. Dr. Weiniger is great. Packed full of info that I can use tomorrow.- Jeff Leach, DC (IL)

-Incorporating -posture to age gracefully- into my practice. Very good course.- Carol Darby, DC (TX)

-Age well – (this is a) Lifetime Lifestyle. Keep up the great job.- Christopher Schmidt, DC (NY)

-Core strengthening, posture principles, aging well, practice perfect to work toward perfection – (detail matters).- William Ritchie, DC (PA)

-Scientific validation / research regarding rehabilitation and chiropractic. Thanks!- Torri Fair, DC (NC)

-Reminder to think globally about posture, vs. regionally.- Heather Morgan, DC (NC)

-All! The ability to utilize what I learned immediately! Will use it tomorrow.- Chiropractic Assistant (CO)

-Active care can not only improve and strengthen patients- injured area, it can improve -Quality of Life-.- Paul Ellstein, DC (IL)

-The importance of posture improvement and how that can enhance the stabilization of the chiropractic adjustment.- Mark R. Gutekunst, DC (IL)

-How to implement a system of rehab into my practice. Great course, thanks.- Robert T. Wright, DC, CPEP (IL)

-Everything! Thank you very much.- Michael Lotito, DC (IL)

-The importance of posture and balance in relation to pain and discomfort.- Jacquelin LeDay, Chiropractic Assistant (IL)

-Ways of helping my patients achieve better overall results.- Keith Wells, DC (NC)

-How I can impact an aging population more effectively. Great seminar – very useful. Practice concept resonates perfectly.- Gene Lewis, DC, CPEP (NC)

-Proper technique with pelvic tilts and ball exercise.- Joseph Crum, DC (NC)

-Need to integrate posture / rehab into my own life, and that of patients.- Rob Mongiello, DC (TN)

-New way of getting the patient involved in their initial and continued improvement for better overall health.- Susan Adams, DC (TN)

-The importance of motion in relation to health during aging.- Joseph Reuter, DC (OH)

-Concepts and importance of posture, motion, and stretching to relieve pain, achieve strength, and age well. Handouts are great!!- Anon., DC (NC)

-Valuable info about posture some of which I had not been exposed to before, ways to isolate, practical application.- Anon, DC (NC)

-Applicable, quality info.- Bradley Jackson, DC (PA)

-All of it! Especially working from the core out. Implementation begins on Monday.- Terry L. Daniels, DC (PA)

-A step by step way to integrate the program into either an existing patient’s or a new patient’s care plan.- Stuart Eder, DC (SC)

-Proper technique and progression. Great anatomy review.- Anon, DC (SC)

-Importance of posture in health. A clear way to incorporate it into the practice – great course.- Wood Weiss, DC (WA)

-Finding my core.- Chris Weiss, DC (WA)

-Linking chiro with posture and motion instead of pain. Excellent integration of materials from a variety of sources into an easy to implement format.- DC (WA)

-Simple ways to have any patient to work their core. Not too advanced philosophically or athletically for any patient.- Nick Constantin, DC (WA)

-Quick, relevant, effective, and easily implemented posture correction and balance exercises for the chiropractic office.- Pierre Constantin, DC, CPEP (WA)

-How posture affects lifestyle and the importance of core strength. Excellent speaker.- Mandi Steinhoff, Chiropractic Assistant (WA)

-Proper way to do muscular stretches- explain to patients what we are going to accomplish with their care. Excellent weekend. Thank you.- Linda Rose, DC (WA)

-Importance of routine posture exercise and combining with chiropractic.- John Quigley, DC (WA)

-How to improve my own posture! As well as tools that I can use tomorrow in my practice.- Michael Wagner, DC (WA)

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What would you tell a colleague?

-Dr. Weiniger is already the master of his field.- Suzanne Clare, DC (NC)

-Excellent instruction, great help from assistant. Enthusiasm of instructor is paramount.- D. Matt Innis, DC (NC)

-Using ball in practice dramatically improves balance/gait.- Monette Sexton, DC (NC)

-Thank you for not being another “sales pitch” seminar and actually caring about what we’re teaching our patients.- C.A. (CO)

-I love the interaction and learning to do it myself. The “demos” are great! They will come in handy when explaining this / problems to patients.- DC (WA)

-Nice work. The profession needs more of you!- Rich Berkowitz, DC (NC)

-Great exercise protocols / ease of implementation.- Janice Balla, DC (WA)

-Very important subject that the chiropractor MUST implement in their office to not survive, but thrive in the coming years.- Pierre Constantin, DC (in practice 20+ years) (WA)

-Great content and all of the exercises are definitely important and can benefit everyone.- DC (WA)

-Dr. Steven and (the BodyZone assistants) did great jobs.- Robert Lilly, DC (NC)

-Well outlined and well presented, very professional.- DC (NC)

-Loved all the interaction on Sunday.- Rob McClenny, DC (NC)

-Excellent speaker – I enjoyed it!- Pam Stewart, Chiropractic Assistant (TN)

-Best Monday morning change context for a seminar in 20 years.- Donovan Stewart, DC (TN)

-Wonderful seminar.- Robert Mashburn, DC (TN)

-Great!- Rebekah Schell, DC (NC)

-Overall excellent info for the DC profession!- Jim Reynolds, DC (TN)

-Excellent content and practicality for any practitioner of physical medicine.- Matt Anderson, DC (TN)

-The hands on demos were great. I learned a lot and realized how much I needed to get more MOTION!- DC (OH)

-The role posture plays in health, vitality and longevity. Thanks for your insight.- DC (OH)

-Dr. Weiniger is very knowledgeable and personable.- Keric Shiepis, DC (OH)

-Great job. Well done.- George Shiepis, DC (OH)

-Very good precise instruction. Thank you.- DC (IL)

-The hands-on approach was extremely effective. Practicing on others will make it easier to relay the concept to patients.- Anon, Chiropractic Assistant (VA)

-I thought the course was very informative and should be an overall plus for the profession.- Bertrand Emmett, DC (NY)

-I chose this course because I needed the credits, but thoroughly enjoyed the material. I am really looking forward to integrating the wall/ball work into my own practice.- Anon, DC (NY)

-Excellent course. Keep up the good work. Chiros should be leading postural analysis and treatment.- Douglas A. Gehman, DC (PA)

-Exactly what I hoped for. No disappointments to speak of. Good energy from Steven (Dr. Weiniger – Instructor).- Joel Kaplan, DC (PA)

-I really felt this was a very good seminar – both in material and presentation.- Anon, DC (PA)

-Move Well to Age Well. Would like to take seminar again and bring my staff.- Timothy B. Vyrostek, DC (PA)

-Great course, really great review of anatomy and new concepts to add to practice.- DC (SC)

-A “nuts and bolts” easy way to get patients involved in their care. Thank you.- Alan Thompson, DC, CPEP (SC)

-Assistant was excellent!- April Knott, (NC)

-Excellent knowledge (by the doctor). Thank you for your time and work.- David Price, DC (IL)

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As a personal fitness professional, I’ve been focused on my clients’ posture prior to all movement. Your input and expertise have expanded my awareness and helped me to “connect the dots” between posture and those three key areas of balance, alignment and motion. THANK YOU! – Peggy Kyprianides (NY)

Terrific program, valuable adjunct to my chiropractic and nutrition practice – Richard Sears, DC (NY)

I want to thank you for last week’s seminar. From beginning to end, your seminar was filled with incredibly useful information. My clinic does a lot of personal training and body re-education. Your work will fit in nicely with what we do here. Thank you and I look forward to taking part two with you. Michael Silverstein, DC (PA)

Most valuable concept? (1) I don’t know as much as I think; (2) There is potential to have fun again with work. James Pierce, DC, CPEP (PA)

I have been in practice for over 25 years. In that time, I have created a practice that is a platypus. You have created a swan. This weekend will give a central principle to the practice. Thank you for all of the obvious hard work you have done putting all this together. Anthony Galzarano, DC, CPEP (PA)

Most valuable concept? We can make a difference in changing our patients’ old learned behaviors, by implementing balance, alignment and motion in their posture exercises. I really enjoyed the course with all of the intrinsic details of the exercises provided. Andrew Thompson, PT (PA)

Excellent teaching of coordination with health and mental/physical life. Charles Alexander, DC (IL)

Making improvements in your posture can be fun. To strengthen and stretch is a new concept for me. Kelly Smith, CA, MT (IL)

This seminar has already paid for itself because I will answer the following question differently: “Why did this happen to me? I didn’t do anything!” “You are right,” I’ll say. “You didn’t! It happened because you were not moving well. It has to do with posture and balance” – Dennis Zidek, DC (IL)

Even though I thought I was in good shape, I could feel a change in my breathing, posture and energy. Thanks! I love your passion and how you make it practical to daily practice. Scott Stratton, DC (IL)

Thank you for your excellent course. My patients are benefiting every day from what I learned (and I am as well!). Dr. Steffie Yost, (NY)

In 20 years of practice and countless continuing education hours, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more out of a seminar that I will use on Monday. Dr. Jeff Brockman, (TN)

-Lots of excellent recent research on posture and exercises.- Robert Key, DC (TN)

-Implementing a posture practice is doable. It’s not about good or bad posture but about strong or weak.- Elisabeth Hickok, DC (TN)

-Great class.- Angela Walk, DC (TN)

-Core exercises for different injuries begin from the bottom up.- Michelle Schaller, CTA (TN)

-I chose this seminar because I needed credit, but found it to be very relevant to my practice. I will attend future seminars!- Anonymous DC (TN)

Most valuable concept? -Blue ocean concept.- Multiple DCs (TN)

-A great seminar and Dr. Weiniger does an excellent job.- Mark Whitehead, DC (TN)

-This was my first BodyZone seminar as a CA-all of this has been very helpful to me.- Kim Odom, CA (NC)

Most valuable concept? -That posture is important and that I need to practice this myself before I can instruct patients. These techniques are as important as the adjustment; they work together.- Robin Reavis, ARRT-R, ACCA (NC)

-Rational, scientific-based protocols that can help change every person’s life-engaging patient in self-responsibility.- Linda Weidler, DC (NC)

-A framework to present to patients both the need for post active stage care and the need for active rehab exercises.- Stuart Eder, DC (SC)

-Great research and quotes.- Susanna Wetsel, DC, CPEP (VA)

-Practical, usable info that I can incorporate Monday morning.- Vince Brown, DC (NC)

-Great 2 days-I wanted to be in class. I can take this straight to practice.- Brent Warner, DC (VA)

-Good luck with your vision! I am impressed with your passion.- Greg Baldy, DC (NC)

-You gave me many tips on how to start and progress patients in their individual posture programs (and mine, as well).- Anne Reilly, DC (WA)

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-Good balance exercises; love the low-tech approach.- Karen Zamzow, DC (AK)

-Great class.- Chris Fisher, DC (WA)

-Easy to implement exercise program.- David Olson, DC (North Vancouver, BC Canada)

-Awesome seminar.- Anonymous DC (WA)

-Very good course!- Nancy Hamel, DC (WA)

-I’m so satisfied. Loved it!! – Ann Salahuddin (WA)

-Very good work-good motivating subject-very relevant to the chiropractic model. Renee (BodyZone Assistant) is very helpful, pleasant and effective.- Pierre Constantin, DC (WA)

-1st class with any of this info since WSCC graduation in 1993-Thanks.- Dr. Burton Sowers (WA)

-The program exceeded my expectations.- Ted Forcum, DC (OR)

-Good procedure for implementing/explaining core exercises to patients.- Jim Wilkens, DC (OR)

-One of the most useful, well presented continuing ed seminars I’ve taken. I’m taking a lot away to implement Monday morning. Thanks! I’ll be back for CPEP Certification.- Cynthia Wright, DC (OR)

-Very useable information, and doing the exercises is invaluable.- Ron Kreger, DC (OR)

Most valuable concept? -How patients can feel and see the difference and take responsibility for themselves. Excellent! Love the passion and great examples.- Linda Westman, DC, CPEP (GA)

-Excellent course. Thank you very much.- Steven Saul, DC (GA)

-Why isn’t this stuff standard in the schools?- Hamada Yehya, DC (IL)

Most valuable concept? -New ways to challenge patients who are already doing BodyZone wall/ball protocol.- Melissa Svendsen, LMT (IL)

-I will definitely leave with a better understanding of how to help my patients improve their posture as well as improving my own.- (IL)

-Simple, effective patient communication about why and how they need to do postural exercise to live the life they want.- Jerry Ruplinger, DC (IL)

-Doing the exercise and critiquing someone else gives you the ability to understand firsthand what your client may experience [and] to help your client improve their ability to perform.- Personal Trainer (IL)

-Interaction with participants: 5 out of 5!!! DC (LA)

-Very useful course professionally and personally.- Daniel Wickiser, DC (LA)

-I understand core muscles more clearly. I understand how to work and stretch these muscles.- David Thompson, DC (LA)

-I thought it was excellent. I learned that rehab posture exercises don’t really take that long and can be implemented easily and are very beneficial.- Trudy Raiford, DC (LA)

-Great information easily integrated into our practices. Posture, moving well, anti-aging, and exercise need to be the biggest parts of our practices.- Joe Stagni, DC (LA)

-The best active seminar I have ever attended-well organized, orchestrated, and balanced.- – Theodore Kurz, DC (LA)

-Dr. Weiniger was a wonderful speaker and had up-to-date research along with great concepts that patients would understand.- DC (AZ)

-Relevant rehab and posture concepts that can be easily added to practice easy for patients to see relevance.- DC (AZ)

-Excellent class!- Jeremy Monday, CA (AZ)

Most valuable concept? How to help my practice. I love posture-this helps me to put it together EASILY since I tend to over think and make things harder.- Michelle Molberg, DC (AZ)

-I’m excited about the new book (Stand Taller ~ Live Longer) and the possible application of teaching a modified version of the flow to large groups like churches or schools. This is the 2nd time I have taken this course. The information is not only relevant, but I have picked up some key points to better implement this in my office.- Beverly Gordon, DC (AZ)

Most valuable concept? -How to reinforce exercise to the patient through the exam and education.- Ramsey Gordon, DC (AZ)

Most valuable concept? -Importance of introducing posture improvement to patients as an anti-aging program to incorporate in their lifestyle.- DC (AZ)

Most valuable concept? -How applicable this stuff is to everyday practice. How you just can’t talk posture/exercises-you have to involve patients.- Anonymous DC (AZ)

-Excellent job! I loved it and I recommend it. And I use it! This info is essential to every human being.- Kelly Van Deren, LMT (SC)

-A refreshing, positively unifying direction for Chiropractic! Wow! Praise God! Very helpful, informative, pleasant staff.- Nancy St. John, DC (SC)

-Easy ways to start implementing posture models in any patients. I need to practice better posture. Great Seminar! – Pat Kolwaite, DC (AL)

-Very informative. I enjoyed it thoroughly.- DC (AL)

-I thought the course was great! It is great to know extra buttons that can help you in practice! – LeAnn Phillips, DC (AL)

-Great job! I’m getting rid of my treadmill. – Jerome Tartaro, DC (RI)

-Perfect course. – Neil Levin, DC (NY)

-It was excellent. Keep up the great work! – Robert Gucciardo, DC (NY)

Most valuable concept? -Stand taller, live longer. Chiropractor (NY)

-Excellent presentation.  – Sean Trujillo, DC (NY/FL)

Most valuable concept? -(1) How to incorporate exercises into my office; (2) How posture affects everything; (3) Exciting new ways to help my patients. I thought it was outstanding and nothing was lacking. Thank you!  – Emilie Scirocco, DC (NY)

-I learned better ways to implement core exercises/isolation and how to use demos to relate to patients as one of the simplest things to start with! Personally I loved the ball work. – Janine Kelly, DC (NY)

-Tremendous! – Howard Klepper, DC (NY)

-Teachers enthusiasm was great. – George Bennett, DC (NJ)

– My practice will be immediately better and patients healthier because of this seminar. – Matt Ritter, DC (PA)

Most valuable concept? -The need for greater postural control in patients for better treatment outcomes. – Tim Bialecki, DC (NJ)

Most valuable concept? -I need to take care of myself and be an example to my patients. I also realized how simple changes and exercises make a big difference. – Chad Buohl, DC (PA)

-(This was a) wake up call for me personally to work on my own posture and implement this info into my practice. Pleasantly surprised with the depth of the course. – Carl Enlow, DC (PA)

-You are doing a great job! – Michael Pollock, DC, CPEP (VA)

Most Valuable Concept?  -The ill effects of poor posture and the systematic approach (one exercise at a time) to make changes in my patients health. This can and should be implemented on Monday AM. – Michael Pollock, DC (VA)

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Reviews from Northwestern Health Sciences University seminar:
– Hands on and I can use this immediately in my practice.
– Dr. Weininger was very much an expert and a fantastic listener.
– Research based. Easy to relay to patients. Systematic approach. Can use in practical immediately. Best overall rehab course I’ve taken. Easy to implement.
– Current evidence informed approach to creating a healthy, successful practice.
– Inspiring for chiropractic professionals.
– Dr. Weiniger is a passionate chiropractor who has thrust posture into the spot light for the chiropractic profession.
– Believe Dr. Weiniger truly wants to help our patients.

– – – – –
I have been in practice for 30 years..and have attended many, many seminars… and I strongly recommend the Posture Practice seminars for every health and fitness professional. Dr. Weiniger’s seminars impressed me tremendously, and the immediate impact on my practice has been like nothing else. Patients love the exercises, and I am now positioned for the future of helping boomers move well as they age. You owe it to your patients and your practice to learn and teach the StrongPosture exercises. – Michael Rappaport, DC (GA)

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