Reducing America’s Back Pain Bill

Posture Economics
Restoring joint motion with adjustments may be able to reduce America’s $75 billion back pain bill
A recent study found chiropractic care economical for treating low back pain when compared to treatment by MD or DO.  Research showed the cost of care for an episode of low back pain was nearly 40% less  when care was rendered by DCs, and even after adjusting for risk, care initiated with a DC were 20% less expensive than episodes initiated with an MD. Liliedahl, R.L., Finch, M.D., Axene, D.V., Goertz, C.M.,“Cost of Care for Common Back Pain Conditions Initiated With Chiropractic Doctor vs Medical Doctor/Doctor of Osteopathy as First Physician: Experience of One Tennessee-Based General Health Insurer,” JMPT, October 21, 2010