The BodyZone Paradigm

Our Philosophy adds strengthening posture to the universally agreed upon wellness concepts of exercise, rest, hydration, tobacco avoidance, stress management, and avoiding unnecessary environmental drugs and toxins.

Daily Posture Exercise promotes balanced, symmetrical motion patterns to maximize the benefits of activity and exercise.  When joints and muscles regularly move full-range:

  • Pain is relieved from reduced postural muscle and joint stress (a virtual epidemic in our sedentary, sitting society)
  • The strength, balance and stability benefits of musculo-skeletal therapy is maximized 
  • Overall health is improved- Wellness and mortality studies strongly suggest superior cardio-vascular and respiratory benefits with decreased postural stress.

Our Cultural Observation
Healthcare is changing.
National health care, the economy and the Obama presidency, along with aging boomers and an alphabet soup of political factors like SCHIPS,EBM, HSAs, MSAs,HMOs and CDH (to name a few) will steadily transform the healthcare industry over the next decade.  The Chinese, ideogram for Opportunity and Danger are the same, and both describe well the present healthcare situation for both patients and providers.

For Patients: You are ultimately responsible for and should depend upon your own efforts to keep yourself healthy. Choosing intelligent LifeHabits is in YOUR best interest (and you will likely find also increases your happiness and enjoyment of life)
For Healthcare and Wellness Providers: As social and economic factors force people to take greater responsibility for their own health, professionals who work to empower patients towards wellness (rather than covering symptoms with drugs) will see increased demand.

Our Offerings provides health and anti-aging information about posture, exercise, nutrition, ergonomics and more to the general public.

The referal directory helps consumers find local professionals who promotes posture exercise (StrongPosture®,Yoga, Pilates, and others) along with intelligent LifeHabits (muscle therapy/massage, chiropractic, nutrition and more) to help people Move, Feel and Be Well.

Our Business

We provide exercise and low tech posture tools like balls, bands and other affordable items in the Store.


  • Live, onsite and online continuing education course, plus certification programs for CPEP (Certified Posture Exercise Professional)
  • Tools for the Posture Practice such as fixed and portable PostureGrids, PostureZone assessment software, posters and posture education materials
  • Referrals of people looking for a posture professional in your area via the directory locator listings.

Our Friends, Members and Partners

People united in the philosophy of promoting intelligent LifeHabits and helping people strengthen their posture to age well.
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