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Sleepy Kneez



Product Description

Sleepy Kneez® is a small knee pillow that aligns your hips and cushions your knees without the excess bulk and attaches to your leg to keep it in place all night. The firm pillow comes with an adjustable stretchy band designed for maximum comfort.

Sleepy Kneez can also be fitted with our customized HOT/COLD gel pack insert.

A knee pillow works to help relieve pressure in the hips and lower back and is a helpful tool for anyone who wants extra support for the spine to help get rid of back pain, hip pain and knee pain.

Sleepy Kneez improves knee comfort, and eliminates pressure on the lower back and hips restoring natural alignment.

  • We have incorporated a soft cotton/spandex band into the knee pillow’s case, that attaches around your leg.
  • We have also added a zipper at the top of the case for easy removal when you want to wash it.


*For hygienic reasons pillows cannot be returned. Please note like any new habit, it often takes a couple weeks to get used to a new pillow or sleeping position. Try sleeping with your new pillow for short periods. Extend the time you spend using the pillow each day. Your new supported sleeping posture will soon feel natural.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs


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