Posture Professionals

Certified Posture Specialists (CPEPs) are independent wellness professionals trained by in the StrongPosture® exercise protocols. Our posture specialists must demonstrate proficiency in teaching and adapting the StrongPosture® protocols to individuals of various levels of fitness and ability, for both injury rehab, performance, active aging and wellness.

Certify as a Posture Specialist

Get CPEP Posture Specialist Certified

CPEP CertificationJoin the international network of Certified Posture Exercise Professionals (CPEP). This training program for certification in StrongPosture® exercise protocols is setting the standard for rehab, wellness, performance and active aging.  Get details on CPEP® Certification.

Get Listed

Does your practice need to expand it’s reach? CPEP’s are listed in the posture specialist directory and the free posture assessment app.

Online Courses

Online continuing education (CE) courses are approved for license renewal in most states and for many professions!  Up to 15 hours CE available. Video-based course available online 24 hours.  Taught by international posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger, our online program takes you through the StrongPosture® concepts, focusing on posture assessment, rehab, and practice marketing, and prepares you to start helping patients Day 1!  Learn more about online CE modules.

Live Seminars

Get hands-on posture assessment and rehab experience, and train to become the go-to posture expert in your community.  Dr. Steven Weiniger presents StrongPosture® classes in a lecture/lab format.  Get relevant rehab exercise protocols and research in these interactive classes where you will learn by doing.  Bonus – Most live classes count towards posture certification requirements.  See the Schedule