Posture Injuries Reduced

Posture Consciousness reduces Injuries- Wall Street Journal, Aug 23, 2011

Posture Injuries Reduced with Posture Awareness

Posture in the Media:
The Wall Street Journal reported today about a growing problem, responsible for up to a third of computer worker sick days: Slumping computer posture.

> Great to see media reporting on this! There’s numerous posture articles in the scientific journals, but mainstream media promoting posture awareness is a datapoint of social awareness and relevance of posture SPW

The news: Increasing posture consciousness reduces injuries! Researchers divided workers into three groups:

Group A- Posture advice and adjusting chair and workstation
Group B – Above advice PLUS showing them a webcam picture of their posture every 20 minutes
Group C- no training

The webcam group (B) had significantly better posture and less muscle and joint pain risk throughout the study, and at the two week followup. The group that got advice was better initially, but the difference faded to nothing by the two week followup.

DATAPOINT– Building Posture Consciousness reduces injuries.

My longstanding position are being validated, and adding daily StrongPosture® exercise to build consciousness AND train control, along with annual Posture Pictures is a path that makes sense, especially for computer workers.

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