Posture Exercise for Golfers, Sports Rehab

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In my experience working with adolescents and adults with a wide variety of musculoskeletal impairments, the vast majority of them – regardless of age, education level, socioeconomic status or fitness level – present with underlying postural deficits. It is imperative to treat the underlying balance, alignment and movement impairments instead of focusing solely on the symptoms. If the underlying deficits are not addressed and corrected the patient will not obtain optimal rehabilitation and the same or similar issues will develop in the future.

As our population ages there will be greater emphasis on aging well and maintaining not only functional independence but also fitness and a high quality of life. People are also becoming increasingly responsible for the cost of their healthcare and have more incentive to address health related issues earlier and focus on prevention to reduce health related expenses. This leads people to seek greater empowerment with their health and wellness.

By teaching StrongPosture® exercise practitioners help educate and empower not only our baby boomers wishing to golf, swim and play tennis into their 90’s, but also our technologically dependent adolescents who are training their bodies at a young age to be increasingly kyphotic and sedentary.

“It makes sense to start with posture exercise for golfers in a sports rehab plan. Bilateral symmetry of upright stance and front to back alignment may not always be a prerequisite for good quality motion, but someone with good posture will find it’s far easier to learn to do just about any sport activity, golf, pitching, running, and any other motion well.”

“The alternative is to learn a motion – say swinging a golf club – and work towards better form in an adaptive body. Setting the athlete up for injury and postural stress.”

~Dr. Steven Weiniger

Strong Posture Exercises are a great way to give a progression of simple but powerful exercises that keeps proper alignment at the core. Stressing the importance of alignment allows people to progress when their bodies have learned how to utilize noncompensatory strategies for safe effective movement.

It’s crucial to place the emphasis on form as Strong Posture exercise protocols require, otherwise altered alignment and maladaptive strategies during progressive exercises will further feed into strengthening dysfunction.

Postural correction is an important part of rehabilitation from most injuries.  Taking posture pictures and teaching Strong Posture Exercises is regular part of the care that I provide to patients.  Adopting daily life habits of performing balance, alignment and movement (BAM) exercises will help therapists and patients alike to be healthy and active as we age.

Author: Rita Fox, PT is a physical therapist and certified posture exercise professional with Heritage Integrative Healthcare and Mercy Hospital in Falmouth, ME. She focuses on optimal function, rehabilitation and postural bio-mechanics.