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How’s your posture? Reveal imbalances and asymmetries that can lead to back pain, stress, poor health, poor performance and even make you look older before your time.

Stronger posture begins with an assessment. PostureZone is a tool to check posture and set a benchmark for improvement.

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  • Image sizing for reliable comparisons over time
  • Integrated level ensures accuracy
  • Analyze front, side and back views
  • Track assessments in pictures gallery
  • Measure changes in head, torso and pelvis alignment
  • Compare and compete with Facebook friends
  • Share your PostureZone pics on Twitter

Improving posture can help:

  • Back pain
  • Neck and shoulder issues
  • Headache
  • Youthful appearance
  • Sports performance
  • Rehab after injury
  • Strengthen balance
  • Slenderize
  • Move well to age well

A posture picture is worth a thousand words, and provides compelling visual evidence of improvement (or decline), as well as providing important data for tracking postural changes and choosing appropriate posture exercise rehab protocols.

Quickly observe deviations of misalignment between the head, torso, and pelvis over the center of the feet. PostureZone screenings measure distortions in degrees to clearly identify symmetry, balance, improvements or changes.

The PostureZone app was developed by, the leader in posture rehab exercise protocols and the CPEP Posture Certification program for posture-focused professionals, including doctors (chiropractors, MDs, DOs), physical therapists, massage therapists, athletic and personal trainers, educators and other health, fitness and wellness pros.


One time in-app purchase of PostureZone Pro version adds:

  • Multiple case management
  • Tap to zoom for more precise marker placement
  • Additional export options (email and sync)
  • Pro Version PosturePractice video
  • All with no monthly charges and no usage fees
  • Updates are free!

Assess your own posture NOW with the FREE PostureZone iPhone app!

  • TAKE a posture picture for your baseline posture assessment.
  • SEE postural changes overtime (for better) with StrongPosture exercise & therapy, or (for worse) with injury & age.

PostureZone App Tutorial PDF

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