Posture and Emotion Physics

Posture and Attitude Emotion -

Posture Attitude

Attitude and emotional state are reflected in posture. The tough guy, the femme fatale, the champion of the downtrodden, and those desiring fame, wealth and power all strike a posture. And while posture assessment bio-mechanics work from the bottom up, the postural connection to emotion begins at the top.  Specifically, the posture and emotion connection begins with the eyes.

Posture and Emotion Physics

The eyes lead the body, and the head is 10% of your body weight, balanced on a slender, flexible stalk.  The head houses the twin vaults of the eyes, and it’s often precarious balance is dependent on where we are looking.

Head position shifts unconsciously when we look at a computer, gaze into a lover’s eyes or look away when nervous. After all, the head has to balance as we make these tiny subtle positional shifts.  And so, where we look affects our posture, causing problems like neck pain, headache and even the back pain of “computer vision syndrome”.

The 5th Posture Principle is Adaptation – Changes in Posture and Changes in Motion cause the Body to Change. So, remember the eyes are a part of effective StrongPosture® exercise… as well as every other exercise, from rehab to walking down the street – keep a level head and stand taller.


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