Integrating Posture and Breath

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Breathe Deep and Wide

Stronger breathing improves performance, cardiac health, and is an integral part of strengthening posture. The Wall Street Journal reported how breathing better not only helps opera singers, but athletes as well.(1)

“Singers and athletes are the people who need to get the most out of every breath,” according to Bradford Chase, the high school chorus teacher whose breath training helped the schools football team quadruple their win ratio (to 4/10) with exercises.

Breathing strong is also for everyone who wants to feel better, perform better and get the most out of life. Training stronger, deeper breathing requires creating awareness of a motion, and then training control towards building an unthinking habit.

Our goal is incorporating strong breathing throughout the individual’s daily StrongPosture® exercises, but clinically we see many people who are unaware of their breathing patterns. Here’s a video of the first step to creating awareness of how posture and breath work together.

Posture and Breath Demo

(1)”Opera Singer Builds Up Stamina for ‘Carmen‘.” Wall Street Journal, February 5, 2013