Posture Anatomy

AnatomyPosture isn’t just how you hold your neck or the slump of your shoulders and low back. Everything in the body is connected, and our posture anatomy  is the coordinated workings of all the mechanical parts.

Our bodies move when, either consciously or unconsciously, brain and nerves of the control system tell the muscles what to do, within the constraints of the physical limitations of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The human body is literally designed to move, and that motion follows in a kinetic chain. Posture and body motion depend on the coordinated workings of the contracting, connecting, and control systems.

When one link in the chain is not working correctly, there is a cascading effect leading to a cycle of injury, pain, compensation and adaptation. Whether it’s walking with a bad ankle or holding your face with toothache pain, any imbalance, injury, or malfunction of tissue can affect posture.

Your StrongPosture® program will get each link working correctly, restoring normal motion, creating the foundation for great posture, and an active, pain-free lifestyle.