Pokémon Posture

Pokémon Posture

If you’re one of the 75 million people who have begun chasing Pokémon globally, being more active is a terrific side effect of your new passion. But be careful because Nintendo’s Pokémon Go has also been criticized for injuries related to car accidents, tripping and even falling over a cliff embankment.

While you know hyper-focus on capturing monsters will mean bruises from banging into things, a more typical problem players will face is Pokémon Posture.  This newest digital epidemic will join the ranks of tech neck, seen largely amongst chronic texting teens and keyboard-bound Millennials to Boomers.

How do you recognize Pokémon posture?

If you see the top of a person’s head as they walk towards you, rather than their face and eyes, it’s a good indicator of Pokémon posture.

Our arms are designed to swing in rhythm with our gait when we walk. This helps balance the muscles of our torso and pelvis. When you or other players run or walk while focused on a cellphone or iPad, typically the shoulders are hunched near our ears and rolled in to hold the phone which forces the head forward.  We also curl our body forward into a “C” shape to get a better look and stabilize the screen as we move.

Doing this with intensity is like exercising – but unfortunately strengthens a terrible bent-forward Pokémon Go posture.  Ultimately, this can lead to back and neck pain, odd movement patterns and the compression of the chest will limit our ability to breathe deeply.

Pokémon Go Posture – Self Help

StrongPosture® exercise tips for healthy gaming.

When looking for Pokémon:

  • 1. Stand taller and lift your device
  • 2. Move your eyes instead of your head so you can shift attention more quickly to see where you’re going (and avoid hazards)

When chasing Pokémon – stand with StrongPosture®:

  • 3. Engage your core by pulling your belly IN
  • 4. Open your chest by rolling  your shoulders UP, then BACK, then DOWN
  • 5. Level your torso by pulling elbows slightly forward of your torso as you lift your device
  • 6. Stack your head in line with your torso by facing forward and pulling your head back

When you aren’t busy capturing and battling virtual monsters, work to improve your posture.  The best way an up-an-coming Pokémon trainer can guard against injury and accidents is training strong posture.

International posture expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger, speaks globally on improving posture for health, pain relief and aging well. He trains thousands of doctors and therapists in posture improvement protocols and authored Stand Taller Live Longer, An Anti-Aging Strategy. To contact Dr. Weiniger, you can email via the contact form.