People with Back Pain Move Differently

Study Shows People with Back Pain Move Differently Even When They are Not in Pain

A new study published in Spine demonstrates people with chronic low back pain really do move differently from the rest of us, and also cannot balance as well.

When compared to pain-free individuals, and even in the absence of pain, low back pain patients  used their lumbar spine muscles less,  impairing their ability to control their posture and balance.   The researchers hypothesized that “motion of the lumbar spine is altered in people with chronic LBP, and this would be associated with compromised control of postural stability in response to unexpected perturbation”.

Researchers found LBP patients were less efficient at maintaining balance and controlling their posture when they moved their arms, supporting the StrongPosture® concept that postural disuse atrophy of deep stabilizing spinal muscles like the multifidus weakens balance, leading to falls as well as weak posture.  The investigators concluded that “the quality of balance control is compromised in LBP patients and that this is associated with poor use of spinal motion as a component of the postural strategy.”Changes in Lumbar Movement in People With Low Back Pain Are Related to Compromised Balance,Mok, Brauer, Hodges,et. al, Spine January 2011

This is another demonstation of the 5th Posture Principle from Stand Taller~Live LongerThe Motion Cycle


Changes in Posture and Changes in Motion cause the Body to Change

And supports the StrongPosture Concept:

Move Well To Age Well

The Problem: PAIN
First, There’s back pain, neck pain, or muscle & joint pain
Then, the pain starts THE PAIN CYCLE

The Solution:  MOTION
Helping You Move Better to Feel Better
Goal: Create new body motion patterns

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