Free Newsletter Article- Newsweek Features Ball Exercises

Use this article for a newsletter or press release (courtesy Dr. Steven Weiniger)

Newsweek Features Boomers Doing Ball Exercise Newsweek featured a group of baby boomers doing one of the PostureBall exercises as taught at (insert your clinic name here).

The tagline “Keeping fit: Exercise can improve both longevity and quality of life to age well” aligns perfectly with what we teach patients in our practice. The coming demographic tsunami of aging boomers and consumer directed healthcare in a free market is providing an opportunity for people to discover the benefits of chiropractic and posture exercise.

Baby boomers want to feel good and age well, and thousands of patients know chiropractic and posture exercises are a key to help you feel better and stay healthy. We are at the beginning of the burgeoning age wave, and integrating posture rehab and chiropractic into your lifestyle is an intelligent life habit to help you Move, Feel and Age Well.

See: to read what Newsweek says about aging well.

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