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by Dr. Steven Weiniger

The #1 wellness goal for most people is stay healthy & slow down aging! Aging begins in early adulthood and accelerates as we get older. So choosing intelligent LifeHabits now can dramatically slow down the aging process later.

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Good Posture Requires Posture Exercise

Exercise & Fitness

Working out a twenty-year old body is like writing on a clean slate. Working out a forty (or sixty, or seventy) year old body is another matter. Back pain, neck and shoulder problems and other pains all make you move... View Article

Motion, Posture Anatomy & Structure

Posture Anatomy

Motion, Posture Anatomy & Structure enables us to stand up, sit down and move around Posture is not just how you hold your neck or the slump of your shoulders and low back. Everything in the body is connected, and... View Article

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Strong Posture Exercise Benefits

StrongPosture® Exercise

A Lot Can Happen in 10 Minutes Strengthening posture with 10 minutes of StrongPosture® exercise a day can help you stand taller, feel better, and yes, actually live longer. Posture exercise benefits your health, height, you feel better, and can... View Article

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Pilates dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs. It builds strength without excess bulk, creating a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen. It teaches body awareness, good posture and easy, graceful movement. Pilates... View Article

One Leg Balance Exercise

StrongPosture® Exercise

This Exercise tests the first of the three elements of posture:  Balance.  Let’s compare your perception of where you think you are in space with the true reality of where you really are. Try these single leg balance exercises. 1.... View Article

Posture Exercise FAQ

Posture Exercise FAQ

StrongPosture® Exercise

Twenty first century life has created the 21st century posture. Modern conveniences at home, such as prepared foods, washing machines and dishwashers means less physical work at home. Workplace automation, robotics and computers, and the ability to order absolutely anything... View Article

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The Problem with Sitting

StrongPosture® Habits

The Problem with Sitting… You are not moving.  People’s bodies are designed to walk and move. Unfortunately, in the 21st century people spend much (if not most) of their lives sitting. We drive to work seated, to sit at a... View Article

Losing Height, Life Span and Posture Exercise

Strong Posture & Aging Well

Everyone knows people lose height as they age, but according to a recent 20-year study, your life gets shorter as you get shorter! Researchers at the University of London found a strong correlation between losing height and mortalityiv