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Strong Posture Course

Posture and Health

Posture and Health Posture and health are closely related, as posture affects every physiologic function from breathing to blood pressure.  The unbalanced bio-mechanical stress of asymmetric posture not only molds muscles and ligaments, but over time the bones themselves actually bend and... View Article

Building Posture Awareness

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Using Unawareness of Balance to Build Posture Consciousness If you take posture pictures, you know people are astoundingly unaware of their posture—but did you know they are equally oblivious of their balance? They are, and it’s not surprising, since posture... View Article

Posture Injuries Reduced

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Posture Consciousness reduces Injuries- Wall Street Journal, Aug 23, 2011 Posture Injuries Reduced with Posture Awareness Posture in the Media: The Wall Street Journal reported today about a growing problem, responsible for up to a third of computer worker sick days: Slumping... View Article

Why Chiropractic and Posture Exercises Work Well Together

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Why Chiropractic and Posture Exercises Work Well Together A difficult task for any discipline is to create a paradigm shift in how something is perceived. We, as chiropractors, know the value of an adjustment and the deleterious effect of subluxations.... View Article

Posture in the media

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The Good, Bad and…Sad THE GOOD- The New York Times just published an article about posture, and talked about posture awareness and exercise. THE BAD- The Times promoted the outmoded concept of “good posture” instead of the more bio-mechanically intelligent... View Article

Posture assessment

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  Posture assessments are not diagnostic of a specific condition Posture assessment requires a professional, not a software A doctor was disappointed when he first got our PostureZone assessment software–there was no “magic box” to tell a patient what was... View Article

Posture Expert Dr. Steven Weiniger

Posture Expert – Dr. Steven Weiniger


Posture Expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger, has trained thousands of doctors, therapists, trainers, and other health and wellness professionals to first rehab injuries and then help their patients and clients keep moving well as they age with StrongPosture® exercise protocols. Dr. Weiniger... View Article

CPEP Requirements & Eligibility

Certification Program

Am I Eligible to Enroll? We invite health, fitness and wellness professionals to register for the CPEP Program. Doctors (DC, MD, DO, DDS, DPM, etc.), physical and occupational therapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, athletic trainers, nurses, physical education teachers, coaches,... View Article

Continuing Education License Renewal

Anytime, Anywhere - Online CE Can't make it to a live event? Get the same great posture training in an online, video-based course! Online learning is another great way to learn the StrongPosture™ exercise protocols for rehab, performance, wellness and active aging. Each online course offers a series of videos to take you through the module in the most effective way to not only learn the material, but begin incorporating it immediately into practice with patients, clients, and yourself!

You Get to Pay More!

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Raise Debt Ceiling = Higher out of pocket expenses Don’t Raise Debt Ceiling = Higher out of pocket expenses Whether it is the Ryan plan, the Obama plan, or some new plan, American government will be spending somewhere between tremendously... View Article

The Patient Choice Practice

Pro Move

Teaching with The Posture Principles (2.2) A Patient Choice Practice cares for the patient as an educated consumer by integrating common sense knowledge with intelligent health choices. Managed Care and limited insurance policies can be integrated with personal pay programs... View Article

The Future Of Chiropractic

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The Future of Chiropractic Dr. Steven Weiniger / Senior Editor BodyZone.com Chiropractic’s role in 21st century healthcare is being written now, and those of us in practice at the dawn of the millennium are all contributing authors. Chiropractic has been... View Article