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by Dr. Steven Weiniger

The #1 wellness goal for most people is stay healthy & slow down aging! Aging begins in early adulthood and accelerates as we get older. So choosing intelligent LifeHabits now can dramatically slow down the aging process later.

CARE Magazine


Work can be a pain in the neck – literally!  As the average number of hours spent sitting increases, so do instances of back and neck pain.  Dr. Mike Jorgensen, DC, CPEP, finds these growing sitting-related pains worrisome and shares... View Article

Fox News KOGO


Something You Can Do To Feel Perkier Want to feel more confident and energetic? Stand up straight and strut your stuff because there’s a connection between posture and mood!  Posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger speaks with morning news personalities Ted... View Article

ESPN News Radio


Will you be happier if you stand up straighter? Dr. Steven Weiniger, health & posture expert, joins ESPN Radio 93.5 to answer questions on how posture shapes attitude, confidence, and how well you feel. Posture is directly related to breathing, which... View Article



“Sitting on the job” is a phrase used to describe someone who is lazy and doesn’t get any work done.  In today’s society, however, most jobs are sedentary – and now this phrase has a new meaning. Posture expert Steven... View Article

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FOX News WOOD Radio


Dr. Weiniger interviewed with Grand Rapids, MI “Morning News Show with Steve Kelly” on the health dangers of our youth’s addiction to technology. LISTEN NOW:  Handheld devices causing Tech Neck – Tots to Teens

Fox News WILS Lansing, MI


Why does sitting hurts our backs?  Studies show sitting for prolonged periods harms our health and causes back pain. Dr. Steven Weiniger joins Dave Akerly on WILS Morning News to discuss sitting, the best posture supports, the link to diabetes... View Article

Health, Wealth & Wisdom


Tampa, FL   October is Spinal Health Month – did you know that your spinal alignment shows a lot about how you look, how you feel, and how you’ll age? Posture expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger, joined the Health, Wealth & Wisdom... View Article



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Grumpy? Perk up your posture and mood

Grumpy? Perk Up Your Posture


Are you feeling tired and grumpy?  Having trouble lifting yourself from the blues?  Stand up straight! Research shows a big correlation between your posture and your outlook.  It turns out posture isn’t just important for you how look – but... View Article

KOGO Morning Show


Dr. Weiniger returned to San Diego’s Morning News with Ted Garcia and LaDona Harvey to reveal a new epidemic: Kids and Spinal Problems.  Habits of sitting folded causing neck, back pain, structural posture problems.  And it isn’t just kids – tech... View Article

AARP Radio


How to combat folded posture Steven Weiniger, DC, expert on posture & aging, sat down with Alyne Ellis, host of AARP’s radio show, “Prime Time Focus,” to talk about why poor posture isn’t just a senior’s epidemic – it starts... View Article

NBC News


Is your smartphone aging you? With more and more people looking down at their phones, computers and iphones neck pain is being reported in staggering numbers.  Find out what’s causing your tech neck  or text neck, and find out what... View Article