Massage Etiquette Tips

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Scheduled your first massage?

Some people are nervous or hesitant about receiving a massage for the first time. There is really no reason to be nervous; just know these simple facts.

It is best to remove all jewelry for a massage. However, it is perfectly acceptable to dress down to your level of comfort.  If you prefer to leave on some clothing, discuss this with your therapist before your session.

Share your preferences. A good massage therapist will be skilled at proper draping and he or she will never expose you.

You must tell your therapist if you are pregnant, have injuries, soreness, and especially — during the massage if you experience pain or discomfort. Do not be embarrassed to say something. This is your time! A massage should never be painful and does not have to be painful to be beneficial.

Be respectful. Trained massage therapists are professionals and the services they provide are therapeutic. Research the credentials of your therapist prior to your first visit.  Be sure they have the proper education, license or registration as required by your state law, and that they are trained in the technique you prefer.

Remember that a massage is a time for you to relax; keep conversation to the barest minimum. Focus on your breathing, relax your body, and do not try to help the massage therapist if they re-position your arms or legs. Let them do the lifting and just relax. Imagine a rag-doll, that is what you are for an hour.

Tell your therapist if you enjoyed the massage; what you did or did not like specifically so they will know your preferences for the next visit.

And remember to get massages regularly for a healthy body and balanced life!