Letting Go with Breath

Remembering to breathe is a common concern many people have these days of fast paced living. Many progressive MD’s, mental health professionals, & spiritual teachers emphasize the importance of consciously breathing in order to enhance ones quality of life, & overall health. In fact, it’s quite possible, that without some form of breathing awareness, we are destined for a life of mediocrity.

By attuning our self to the repeated, and essential function of respiration, we “get in touch with” our profound state of being, and cease for a time our obsession with “achievement-oriented” living. When we occupy most of our waking hours with 1) what we have to do, or 2) what we needed to do, most of our mind is consumed with thoughts of the future and past. In this condition, we have little awareness of the joy here for us in each present moment. We can easily “have a moment” any time we consciously choose to do so!

One medical health writer, Larry Dossey, M.D., states in his book: Space, Time & Medicine, that his average patient in Dallas, had a perception of time that was speeded up at least two times the actual elapsed time. We try to cram so much into each hour, or day that it’s no wonder we’re complaining of “being stressed out!” I contend that we are really – stressed in or “boxed in”, by our past and future thoughts crowding our minds By becoming aware of our breathing, and particularly our exhalations, the “letting go” portion of our breathing cycle, we tune into the present moment, and have much more peace of mind than before.

Just explore it for yourself: Breathe out fully, with your hand on your belly, when you come to the end of your exhalation, forcefully push out the remaining additional air in the lower portion of your lungs. Now, pause, and feel the sensation of your empty lungs, so that you know what ‘letting go completely” feels like. Next, just wait for the next breath of fresh air to rush into your empty lungs. Optionally, you could imagine a “picture of health” as you do so. Appreciate it, and be glad that with this lungful of air, your heart is pumping new life to each of your 6 trillion cells. This action is actually helping ease the strain on your heart, and saving you energy also.

By slowing down to breathe out fully, and receive a full breath of air, you are giving yourself much more energy to accomplish whatever it is you want “out there” in the future.