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Posture authority Dr. Steven Weiniger discusses tech neck on KDIZ Wellness Radio

Wondering what tech neck is and if you have it?

Listen in as healthy living expert Dr. Steven Weiniger joins Daphne & Paul Thompson on Morning Coffee & Health to talk about how our digital habits impact our bodies.

  • What tech neck is, and why it matters.
  • Why the hours you spending texting and typing is ruining your posture.
  • What you can do to adapt your environment to avoid pain.
  • New inventions that help you create better tech habits.

Hear the interview on KDIZ-AM (1570), Twin Cities Wellness Radio Are we sure using our phones and iPads are having a bad impact on health? Dr. Weiniger tells us, “proof is in the posture.”

Dr. Steven Weiniger authored Stand Taller Live Longer, An Anti Aging Strategy and is founder of the CPEP® Posture Specialist certification program.  He was joined on the the program by Jane Payfer of Mukava, and Joseph Sweere, DC of Northwestern Health Sciences University