Walk or Stand?

Try This:

Imagine–Would you rather stand perfectly still for 30 minutes or walk for thirty minutes?


Physics tells us it takes more work to move an object than to leave it in one place.  So why is it easier to take a stroll than stand still for 30 minutes?

Here’s Why: Our Bodies Are Made To Move  1st Posture Principle

Moving is easier than being still because muscles quickly fatigue when they aren’t allowed to rest. Walking involves using two sets of muscles- STANDING muscles to balance one one leg and SHIFTING muscles to move.

When we walk we alternate between balancing with standing muscles and then shifting to the other leg, allowing one set of muscles to rest while other muscles are working. When we are standing still, we are constantly using the left and right side standing muscles to balance. Even though the amount of work done by each muscle is less, the lack of rest makes the muscle fatigue far more quickly.