Health Cycles

From birth to death, life is a series of cycles, and posture is an omnipresent but usually unrecognized factor in many health cycles, but one that we can affect.

Posture shapes how your body moves, and your body’s patterns of motion shape your posture in health cycles both vicious and virtuous. And our sitting society, where we spend hours and hours just sitting essentially still at work AND play— create weak posture and poor motion and health cycles. 

  • watching TV
  • driving a car
  • computing–typing and clicking oblivious to our posture
  • and then relaxing—it all promotes poor posture and lack of motion.

Daily StrongPosture® exercise creates an awareness of posture, and once you can feel the difference between StrongPosture and WrongPosture, simple changes in your habits can break your vicious cycles and make a big difference in how you look!