Grumpy? Perk Up Your Posture

Grumpy? Perk up your posture and mood

Are you feeling tired and grumpy?  Having trouble lifting yourself from the blues?  Stand up straight! Research shows a big correlation between your posture and your outlook.  It turns out posture isn’t just important for you how look – but for how you look at life.

From a neurological and hormonal point of view, posture and attitude have been tightly linked in many scientific studies.  By strengthening your posture, you not only look better, but you FEEL better – even down simply to taking deeper breaths, which creates many health benefits.

The Language of Good Posture

Even when you look at language, a better posture implies a stronger, more capable way of life.  There’s a reason why language has phrases like, ‘Keep your chin up,’ or ‘Hold your head high,’ instead of being ‘downcast,’ where you’re looking down – and feeling down.

But when we spend our days slouched over computers, tablets and smart phones, how do we make changes to improve posture?  After all, in reality technology use is a habit that’s not going away anytime soon.  We will all keep using computers and smart phones, but creating posture-smart habits makes sense.

It begins with becoming aware of your posture and then doing something systematically to un-bend your body from the folded-forward position.

3 Ways to Perk Up your Mood & Attitude

  1. Keep moving. Every 30-45 minutes – take a StrongPosture® break at work.  Stand up tall, tuck in your pelvis, roll your shoulders up, back and down, and float your head toward the ceiling.
  2. Take the stairs. But instead of just taking the stairs, take a moment to make yourself aware of your posture and carry yourself with strong, tall posture, rather than leaning forward as you climb.
  3. Drive tall. When driving, position your seat more vertically and adjust your rear view mirror in a way that forces you to keep your body lengthened, aligned and tall.

These 3 tips are your first steps towards standing taller, and feeling confident, happier and more energetic.