Good Posture Makes You Look Slimmer

Good posture is not only beneficial to your health, but also adds a more sculpted appearance. For instance have you ever seen a young mother slumped over her child making her look much older. As an ongoing repetition she is also causing physical damage such as neck, back, and muscle pain.

Good posture will cause a person to “Stand Taller and Live Longer” because it eliminates many of the health problems associated with poor and slouching posture. Our body is trained to move and adapt how we teach it to. Therefore, a really strong posture comes from within using the strength of your core muscles, which is the most important anti-aging tool. By incorporating the posture exercises into your everyday life you are not only gaining strong posture but adding years onto your life.

Good posture is a tremendous anti-aging tool. A few of the health issues good posture helps to prevent are osteoporosis, back pain, fractures and respiratory conditions. Therefore, using posture exercise to retrain a poor posture will not only improve your physical well-being, make you look slimmer and younger, but will slow down the aging process.

Wendy Wright, CA
Madison, WV