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Fox News covers potential injuries fanatical Pokémon Go players risk while training, hunting and capturing Pokémon.  While the game has a positive impact in getting people outside and walking quite a bit – constant attention to a screen while bent forward and walking can create poor posture habits.

The Game that’s a Gait Changer

Unique from any other mobile device use, Pokemon Go users walk while playing and tapping the screen.  This changes the normal gait pattern replacing it with one that is not optimal.

Players are holding their arms still while clutching the phone to stabilize their screen, where normally you swing your arms when walling.  Also the head is bent forward towards the chest and shoulders are hiked up and rolled in.  This further distorts posture and has the added negative impact of restricting breathing.

Listen to global posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger discuss Poké Posture and find out how to help your kids (and yourself) to avoid injury.