Exercise for Athletes

Exercise for Athletes, Posture and Running

In exercise, form is of paramount importance. Poor form causes injuries that take players off the field in competitive sports, and sideline recreational fitness people across the board. Form determines function which is one reason why posture is universally agreed to be important for winning performance by coaches and trainers everywhere.

Posture exercise for athletes will improve:

  • Control of motion
  • Symmetry of motion
  • Lung capacity
  • Flexibility and range of motion
  • Balance
  • Core strength
  • Fine motor control
  • Decreased risk of injury

“Good posture keeps bones and joints in correct alignment so muscles are used more efficiently reducing fatigue and preventing strain.”

“Additionally, abnormal wearing of joint surfaces and stress on ligaments holding joints of the spine together is decreased, preventing the spine from becoming fixed in abnormal positions.”
~Cleveland Clinic

“Retraining posture and motion begins with awareness and exercise to work towards a functionally stronger posture, aligning the centers of masses more effectively to reduce the wear and strain from mechanical stress and optimize function. We call this compass heading StrongPosture®,” says posture expert, Steven Weiniger, DC.

StrongPosture® is about connecting your perception of how you stand (and run, swim, swing, jump, or lift) with objective reality.

Awareness begins with a posture picture assessment, and with athletes balance and movement testing follows. Then the athlete progresses to doing daily posture exercise to strengthen the small muscles and subtle motions that are neglected within their personal performance groove and pattern of motion.

Exercise for athletes should include focused-motion posture protocols ESPECIALLY if you compete. To be competitive and achieve peak performance athletes must train the body to move with its best posture.