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Finally…something all chiropractors can all agree on!

Whether you are a reactionary DC who believes all drugs are evil, or if you are like most of us who recognize that drugs have their place (but not in my office, thank you), or even if you treat patients in tandem with a prescription-pad toting MD, you probably have a problem with the pharmaceutical industry wantonly pushing “a pill for every ill”. Especially if you have ever railed against the philosophy that what America needs is a better pill, then you need to see the movie Side Effects.

Side Effects is a satirical look at the big drug companies starring Katherine Heigl (from Gray’s Anatomy) as a pharmaceutical drug rep living the American Dream with a big salary, company car, great clothes…and a growing pit in her stomach.

Here’s the blurb from the movie box:

KARLY HERT has spent the last ten years selling drugs…legally, that is.

Although conflicted on a daily basis by the values within the pharmaceutical industry, an industry driven by profits at the expense of patients; Karly has been seduced by the golden handcuffs of corporate America.

Enter ZACH DANNER, who convinces Karly to be true to her values and walk away from her lucrative but empty job. As their relationship blossoms, Karly devises a plan to get out. But leaving is never quite as easy as it seems…

It’s a funny movie, but it also has a brave and unique message which is consonant with the “drugs last” wellness philosophy many DCs espouse.

There is also a documentary about the movie, Money Talks, which is a more journalistic look at big Pharm. If you want to see an 8 minute clip from the documentary about Vioxx and the problems created by drug companies financing research which is more profitable than objective then, click here: Money Talks

If you are like me and want Americans to think twice before taking a pill, and consider seeing a chiropractor first rather than last, consider getting a few copies of the movie to lend patients.

Planting seeds of knowledge is the best way to grow a practice, and our profession.

Get a copy: Money Talks

Get a copy: Side Effects