Daily Posture Exercise

Exercising posture on a daily basis, even for just a few minutes a day, can help keep you taller and moving better.  But posture is about more than standing straight, and so there is more to improving posture than just telling someone to stand straight and keep their shoulders back. Improving posture means strengthening how the body balances, and how it moves.  Yoga, Pilates and StrongPosture® exercises all build stronger posture by repatterning motion to help you stand tall, relieve pain and keep you moving well.



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Choosing a Style and Teacher


The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Styles and Schools

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The Benefits of Pilates About the Alexander Technique

Joseph Pilates – A History Benefits of the Alexander Technique

Finding a Pilates Instructor Choosing the Right Teacher

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Avoiding Harmful Habits for Children


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The Principles of Posture Basics of PostureBall Exercise