Wellness LifeHabits

The #1 wellness goal for most people is stay healthy & slow down aging! Aging begins in early adulthood and accelerates as we get older. So choosing intelligent LifeHabits now can dramatically slow down the aging process later.

Body LifeHabits

Exercise is #1. Regular activity strengthens your body, maintains healthy weight and reduces mental tension. Exercising with strong posture also strengthens balance and alignment for maximum fitness benefit.

Mind LifeHabits

Stress management and attitude awareness are #1—A good attitude along with stretching, yoga, StrongPosture™ exercise and meditation are great tools to manage stress and relax! Also, get a regular massage… the therapist does all the work and you reap the rewards of deep relaxation.

Nutrition LifeHabits

Vitamins are important, but the #1 LifeHabit is eating well. You literally are what you eat—Do you want a body made of Big Macs and Twinkies? And if you put nicotine in your body...expect your health to go up in smoke!

best desk chair sitting position

The Problem with Sitting

StrongPosture® Habits

The Problem with Sitting… You are not moving.  People’s bodies are designed to walk and move. Unfortunately, in the 21st century people spend much (if not most) of their lives sitting. We drive to work seated, to sit at a... View Article