Wellness LifeHabits

The #1 wellness goal for most people is stay healthy & slow down aging! Aging begins in early adulthood and accelerates as we get older. So choosing intelligent LifeHabits now can dramatically slow down the aging process later.

Body LifeHabits

Exercise is #1. Regular activity strengthens your body, maintains healthy weight and reduces mental tension. Exercising with strong posture also strengthens balance and alignment for maximum fitness benefit.

Mind LifeHabits

Stress management and attitude awareness are #1—A good attitude along with stretching, yoga, StrongPosture™ exercise and meditation are great tools to manage stress and relax! Also, get a regular massage… the therapist does all the work and you reap the rewards of deep relaxation.

Nutrition LifeHabits

Vitamins are important, but the #1 LifeHabit is eating well. You literally are what you eat—Do you want a body made of Big Macs and Twinkies? And if you put nicotine in your body...expect your health to go up in smoke!

Buyer Beware!

Drugs and Wellness?

Buyer Beware! By Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau The drug ads on television right now are coming at us in record numbers and they are BEAUTIFUL and EFFECTIVE. Why is the pharmaceutical industry bombarding our television sets 24/7 with drug ads? Because they... View Article

Backpack Safety for Students

Wellness LifeHabits

Backpack Safety for Students Dr. Steven Weiniger “As the sapling is bent, so grows the tree”. Pediatricians and chiropractors are seeing an epidemic of middle and high school students suffering from back pain due to carrying heavy backpacks. A few... View Article

Pain fron sitting at computer

StrongPosture Computer Habits

StrongPosture® Habits

Get Wise With Your Computer  When my students despair, “I just can’t seem to get comfortable sitting,” I remind them that the body is more at ease when in motion. Many jobs require people to sit for prolonged periods with... View Article

Spinal Care Do’s and Don’ts

StrongPosture® Habits

Keeping your spine functioning properly is the key to good posture and back pain relief. How you stand, sit and drive can impact your spinal health.

Strong Posture – A Lifelong Motion Cycle

StrongPosture® Habits

StrongPosture® exercise creates an awareness of posture and, when performed daily, can stretch muscles, ligaments, and other structures that shorten with poor posture; strengthen muscles that weaken; and help people stay active, thereby combating a litany of health issues from... View Article

More LifeHabits for a Long HealthSpan


So what can we do today to keep our bodies working well? Most people have plenty of room for improvement in their health & exercise habits. The LifeHabits that almost all experts agree are effective and vitally important to living... View Article

Self Massage

StrongPosture® Habits

A professional therapeutic massage is great and keeps your muscles working. But between massages by a pro, massaging yourself can help reduce stress and keep your body moving. Making your own self-massage tool is easy! To make your own BallSock... View Article

Posture Exercise – movement as You Age

StrongPosture® Habits

With age, the joints stiffen and muscles get tight. The common bent over posture of old age occurs as a result of the body adapting to long-term poor posture. As posture becomes more bent forward the muscles have to work... View Article

Chairs, Computer Habits and Posture

StrongPosture® Habits

Looking for the “perfect chair” is an exercise in futility. It is our body that sits in a chair, and if we want to improve our comfort and health, our primary attention must be directed at improving our own functioning... View Article

Childrens Posture and Childrens posture exercises

Your Children Are Watching – Children’s Posture

StrongPosture® Habits

Children’s Posture Why  do people develop the restrictive physical patterns that cause back pain or a sore neck or restricted arm and leg movements.  The great majority of small children, after all, carry themselves with grace and ease – yet... View Article

Daily Posture Exercise

Daily Posture Exercise

Exercising posture on a daily basis, even for just a few minutes a day, can help keep you taller and moving better.  But posture is about more than standing straight, and so there is more to improving posture than just... View Article

Health Cycles

StrongPosture® Habits

From birth to death, life is a series of cycles, and posture is an omnipresent but usually unrecognized factor in many health cycles, but one that we can affect. Posture shapes how your body moves, and your body’s patterns of... View Article