Wellness LifeHabits

The #1 wellness goal for most people is stay healthy & slow down aging! Aging begins in early adulthood and accelerates as we get older. So choosing intelligent LifeHabits now can dramatically slow down the aging process later.

Body LifeHabits

Exercise is #1. Regular activity strengthens your body, maintains healthy weight and reduces mental tension. Exercising with strong posture also strengthens balance and alignment for maximum fitness benefit.

Mind LifeHabits

Stress management and attitude awareness are #1—A good attitude along with stretching, yoga, StrongPosture™ exercise and meditation are great tools to manage stress and relax! Also, get a regular massage… the therapist does all the work and you reap the rewards of deep relaxation.

Nutrition LifeHabits

Vitamins are important, but the #1 LifeHabit is eating well. You literally are what you eat—Do you want a body made of Big Macs and Twinkies? And if you put nicotine in your body...expect your health to go up in smoke!

Posture, Mixed Martial Arts, MMA, Karate, Wrestling

Posture and MMA, Wrestling, Karate


Posture Exercise for Mixed Martial Arts Competitors In the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training and competitions, fighters find that working towards better posture gives them a greater control of fighting stance and movement – thus leading to more... View Article

Strengthening Posture affects longevity


How Strengthening Posture can affect how long you live. Research supporting the position that posture affects longevity. It will take decades for tight double blind studies to happen along the lines of the Framingham study (which demonstrated that exercise is... View Article

Exercise to Improve Memory


You Can Exercise to Improve Memory You have heard that memory, as well as the ability to think and process information quickly, diminishes with age. You know the feeling. You come face to face with a longtime acquaintance and her... View Article

Letting Go with Breath

Wellness LifeHabits

Remembering to breathe is a common concern many people have these days of fast paced living. Many progressive MD’s, mental health professionals, & spiritual teachers emphasize the importance of consciously breathing in order to enhance ones quality of life, &... View Article

Backpacks and Your Health

StrongPosture® Habits

Helpful tips on how to carry a backpack Since I have a family practice I have an opportunity to observe a variety of trends which develop in our young folks. What I have been noticing for the past few years... View Article

joint pain and stiffness with aging

Staying Active – Aging, Joint Pain

Wellness LifeHabits

Staying Active while Aging The Sphinx asked this riddle: What animal walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 3 in the evening?  The answer has to do what something you MUST keep to keep active... View Article

Breathe & Move

Wellness LifeHabits

No matter what we’re doing in life, it’s bound to involve breathing & moving in some form or fashion.

breathing and stress

Breathing and Stress

Wellness LifeHabits

Breathing and Stress Learning to Breathe Easy for Stress Relief Have you ever just sat and listened to yourself breathe? Did you know that breath channels energy and vitality? Have you ever noticed the connection between breathing and stress, and... View Article

Self-Help Foot Reflexology

Wellness LifeHabits

Neural exercise made simple with a golfball We all employ self-help Reflexology every day without realizing it. Each time we comb or brush our hair, brush our teeth or tongue, scratch an itch, walk bare footed on the beach or... View Article

mindful breathing stress reduction

Mindful Breathing for Stress Reduction

Wellness LifeHabits

Stress Reduction Techniques – Mindful Breathing to Relax Why should you, an experienced breather, invest your limited time, money, and energy in the study of mindful breathing? The movement of your breath, thus far, seems to have been as dependable, as... View Article

Back Pack Troubles

Wellness LifeHabits

Do you send your child off to the first day of school with a brand new backpack tossed over his or her shoulder? Although backpacks have become as common as pencils & paper in schools across the nation, you may... View Article

Drug Marketing – Side Effects

Drugs and Wellness?

View Clip: Money Talks More Info: Side Effects Finally…something all chiropractors can all agree on! Whether you are a reactionary DC who believes all drugs are evil, or if you are like most of us who recognize that drugs have... View Article