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Disability Rating Vs. Impairment Rating


Disability Rating Vs. Impairment Rating As a physician, you will be called upon to assess injury that is sustained by a victim. This person may be a patient that you have treated for accident related injury or someone referred to... View Article

The Psoas and Chiropractic


There is a problem that is affecting many of your patients and you may not be addressing it. Do these symptoms sound familiar: Their problem starts simple and benign. Usually without pain. Then it grows. A little pain across the... View Article

Professional Sign- Downloadable FREE


DYDYPET= Did You Do YOUR Posture Exercise Today? Click to view, download or print sign “Look to today. Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.” Don Marquis Posture Professional Newsletter– Sign up to receive free monthly e-newsletter for... View Article

BodyZone Wellness Model


7 Habits for a Long HealthSpan & Aging Well   Some say health is just not feeling sick, but wellness professionals such as chiropractors and others have always defined health as state of optimal well-being, not merely the absence of... View Article

The BodyZone Paradigm


Our PhilosophyBodyZone.com adds strengthening posture to the universally agreed upon wellness concepts of exercise, rest, hydration, tobacco avoidance, stress management, and avoiding unnecessary environmental drugs and toxins. Daily Posture Exercise promotes balanced, symmetrical motion patterns to maximize the benefits of... View Article

One-on-One Posture Practice Training


Body Zone presents seminars, teaching professionals including chiropractors, massage therapists, PTs, CPTs, etc, to integrate posture exercise and posture therapy. We promote low tech tool for patient/client empowerment integrating personal responsibility with third party reimbursement as a path to stronger... View Article